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Decorte Loose Powder


Beauty Lab

Moisture Liposome

Intensive Research

12 years of intensive research and development. The world’s first multi-layered Liposome treatment lotion.

Our research revealed that the spaces between cells of the stratum corneum, also known as skin capacitors are responsible for moisture-retention. Meanwhile, skin appearance can be affected by how much skin cells can hold moisture.

Liposome Technology

Liposome Microns

Microns that Enhance Moisture Absorption

When skin capacitors are small, they are unable to retain moisture, causing the condition known as a weakened stratum corneum. Besides affecting the appearance of skin, this can also cause your skincare to no longer be effective as before.

Beauty ingredients such as Loquat Leaf extract and Butcher’s Broom Root extract are encapsulated in these liposomes measuring just 0.1 - 0.2 microns in size. The capsules penetrate skin deeply, expanding the size of skin capacitors and enhancing its moisture absorption and retention abilities.

Formulated specially to target and address skin problems arising from a weakened stratum corneum, the Decorté Liposome Treatment Liquid gives firmness, translucency and long-lasting moisture to the skin like never before.


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