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Decorte Loose Powder





Just as Western cultures attempt to dominate nature, the Japanese seek to understand it, helping bring meaning and a holistic viewpoint to life.

This philosophy is a driving force behind Decorté, an effort to work with nature and the body’s natural rhythms to help skin perform better as a whole.



No sheer happenstance, indeed the fruition of 30 years of meticulous thought and critical understanding.

Decorté Laboratories have partnered with world-renowned university researchers and acclaimed scientists to create a life force that the body can assimilate and understand.


DECORTÉ VI-FUSION: A Life Force for Skin

Based upon the ancient practice of Eastern Medicine and complemented with techno-innovation science, Decorté works in harmony with the body. At the heart of each Decorté product is Vi-Fusion, a proprietary complex that strengthens, regenerates and empowers the skin on multiple levels, unleashing its natural life-force from within.


Onsen Water -
The secret behind Vi-Fusion

Onsen water is one of the core ingredients in the Vi-Fusion line. It comes from the geo-thermal volcanic waters that infuse skin with magnesium, potassium, sodium and other vital elements in micro-sizes that won’t stress the skin or cause further inflammation.

Its permeable, micro-minerals supplement intra and extracellular concentrations to facilitate with cellular communication and metabolism for a healthy state of repair and renewal.

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