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Tech-Crème Concentrate

Tech-Crème Concentrate
.69 oz. / 20 ml


Tech-crème concentrate targets aging in three dimensions, virtually pixelating fine lines and wrinkles to blur them from view while physically submerging deeper lines in our techno-active complex for a softly uniform skin surface. Perception and reality become one with a new sense of volume and utmost control.

The intensive new Reverse Motion Complex™ brings together for the first time Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Adenosine and other techno-innovative solutions. It helps suppress deeply embedded habits, working to counteract the visible signs of over-constriction of muscles such as deep furrows and expression lines while simultaneously protecting skin’s elastin and collagen, essential proteins that maintain skin’s shape and structure.

Paraben-Free. Dermatologically Tested. No Animal Testing.


My Concealer's Best Friend
I use the 3D prior to my concealer and it works wonders. A makeup artist taught me this tip and I love it as I have lines around my eyes from squinting so much. I find the 3D helps keep my concealer in place. A bit expensive but I find a little goes a long way so I guess a good investment in the end. Highly recommend this item.
Nancy G
Using every day. Saw a big difference in the forehead lines. Works really well as a base to my foundation too. I carry this in my bag to touch up if I am going out after work. Great product!
This stuff is amazing! Softens my laugh lines like nothing else.
You can see it work as you massage it in. I have very deep lines between my brows and this softens it on contact. I don't want to get Botox yet so this is the best alternative.
Pollyann G.
Amazing Results, Fine Lines Disapear
This product is amazing. I have slight fine lines in my nasolabial folds (smile lines) as well as some fine lines under my eyes near the tops of my cheekbones. I do consistently get Botox around my eyes and in my forehead but there are some areas that Botox can not target. I first used this product a couple of weeks ago and I have been very impressed. A small amount goes a very long way. I apply a very small amount to the fine lines mentioned above and massage it in thoroughly before I put on my makeup. I give it time to set in while doing my hair etc. The lines that I mentioned virtually disappear within 20 minutes or so. I would highly recommend 3-D Line Control. I am very pleased with the results!
Line Eraser
Those terrible forehead lines are much easier to look at now! It took a few days but I can definitely see a difference. And just a little bit goes a long way.
Lady M
Game Changer!
3-D Line Control really works! I use it under my foundation before leaving for work in the morning and before I go out at night. It smooths out wrinkles and a little dab goes a long way.
Safety net!
I just tried samples of 3-D Line Control and I'm so excited about this product because it saves me from Botox. I'm terrified of needles and only made it through Botox twice. This product isn't as "strong" as botox, but it really does erase lines. I used a tiny bit on the lines around your eyes, forehead and mouth area and I quickly saw results. The little sample bottle has lasted me 3 days from using it in the morning, I'm going to purchase the regular size because it's great!
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Fortified with such super-activity, this deeply targeted concentrate should be used sparingly and applied only to skin’s most expressive areas.

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